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Our Logo


The story behind our logo

Our logo isn't just a cool looking photo, there's ALOT of meaning behind it!  It represents who we are, our "roots."  

The 'Tree of Peace" represents a Haudenosauee (Iroquois) symbol of UNITY because the white pine needles grow in clusters.  The four ROOTS represent the 4 directions.  Should another Nation require shelter from the tree's broad branches or wish to join the Iroquois, the roots will lead you here.  

The Eagle, our messenger to the Creator, sits atop the Tree of Peace in order to alert us of danger.  

The purple and white lines showing movement of the ball is actually a very important wampum belt called "The Two Row Wampum"  This wampum belt was made around the year 1613 between the Iroquois and the Dutch.  One white line represents the Dutch ship and the other the Iroquois' canoe as they travel down the river of life.  This treaty meant each would respect the others way of life and would not attempt to steer the other's vessel.  We still live by this agreement today.  

The 6 PINE TREES across the bottom represent the 6 Nations that make up the Iroquois Confederacy:  Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and the last nation to join, Tuscarora.  

We are proud members of the Mohawk Nation.